I often wonder, what instruments  will we  play when we play with the MASTER MUSICIAN or how will our music sound? Will it sound anywhere like what I hear within the "songs in the night"? I know that the sounds in my head  are created by the ONE who gave the mockingbird matchless runs therefore each song and every sound has  been carefully prepared and orchestrated for you. 

I am surrounded by a musical family which included my father who taught all of us “upstarts” to tarry at the piano and wait for THE ANOINTING ( I still can't play like him) ; but the torch continues burning through my brothers and sisters; glows and grows through my children, nephews and nieces. I believe that Dad really passed on a powerful torch with flames that engulfs all.

I've played with and for so many fantastic, ministering folk such as Rosemary Griffin, Dorothy Grant, Lenny Champion, The O'Neal Twins, The J.D.Williams Singers, the Walter Piper Singers, Orangeburg Gospel Choral Union,The Alumni Chorale Of The National Convention Of Gospel Choirs and Choruses,The Faith Ensemble and worked on or played on the projects: "Great New City" by Bibleway of Atlas Road, "The Power of Praise" by the Progressive Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. and produced projects of my own. 

My ten-fingered orchestra can only reflect what the CHIEF MUSICIAN has taught me. As you listen to clips of my projects,"Kenthomja's Sunrise, The Commute, One Prayer Away and Just Speak The Words" ; you also will appreciate His Majesty and Magnificence.

I remember challenging a mockingbird to a duel and lost. But one day I'll challenge that bird again and at that time win.

Yours Spiritually and Musically, Kenneth