Majoring In Minor Things

While I was in college meeting someone for the first time or even now talking to college students, the question always comes up."What's your major?". The idea of this is to get to know people better and learn of their interests and goals. Sometimes they had a minor. Sort of a back-up to pursue but it did not get the full attention of the major.

Now that I'm older and life has taught me a tremendous amount of lessons. I have come to realize that many things that we fret over, worry about, or are overly concerned with really doesn't matter that much when compared to eternity. The only thing that really matters is our love for and relationship with God.

One Elder, whom I love dearly, in one of his sermons told the church to "ask God for a hard thing". In my thinking I told God " Lord, all I want is you".When you have God, you have ev'rything.

Majoring in God and the things of God brings immeasurable dividends. " Eye has not seen nor ear heard of the things that God has in store for us...". Let's stop majoring in minor things. 

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