Be What You Have Been Chosen To Be

I had to play at a convention some time ago. I heard some amazing talented musicians play that entire week. I mean these folk were dazzling and sizzling on their instruments as if they had sat at the feet of the Master and absorbed all that He had. Then and there I felt totally out of place and uncomfortable to be on the same stage with these other musicians. Matter of fact, I didn’t want anyone to know that I played. However, when it became my time to accompany the group to which I attended the conference, I prayed as I always do before playing, offered my ten fingers, mind and body to God, forgot about the audience and focused on pleasing Him. When all was finished that night I still felt low and outmatched (some folk know what I’m talking about). It wasn’t a competition yet it felt like one. For weeks I felt inadequate but then God sent someone to lift my spirits. A young man (I don’t know where he came from) told me something that provided lifting. He said that his mother attended that same conference and gave instructions that if he ever saw me again be sure to tell me “that out of all the musicians she heard that week, my playing was the only one that touched her.” Man talk about a lift. Then God’s spirit pressed another thought in my spirit that I continuously share with ministering people: When God wants a flute, a trumpet will not do no matter how you mute it, it will not do. By that same token, when God wants a trumpet, a flute will not do no matter how you amplify it. There are some people that only you can reach. You have been placed into their lives for a specific purpose, for such a time as this. Therefore be what you have been chosen to be.

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