Thank YOU

I was taught that "thank you" makes room for more so here are my "thank you's". THANK YOU... to those who love unconditionally. to those who give and give even when they don't have much to give. to those who are lights and torch-bearers. to those who try to make a difference in this interesting world we live in. to those who tie the shoes until they learn to do it themselves. to those who bring adversity to make us stronger. to those who pray even when they think that their prayers are unheard. to those who believe in the impossible yet embrace it. to those who see life and themselves thru the eyes of others. to parents who parent and nurture their children and the other children in the neighborhood as their own. to those who share my site, my love of music and vision with others. to those who feel that "pay-it-forwards" is more than a catch phrase. to those who speak life. to those who proved and showed that a song of praise during the "night" can lead to victory in the morning. to those who uplift others, praise God during their pain, and bless God for counting them worthy to suffer. to God's fallen soldiers whose prayers are still ringing in God's ears for us. Now you can add unto the "Thank You" list when you sign the guestbook.

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