Wounded Healers and Diamonds

Sometimes when we are having our "wondering why" moments and are ready to give up, God sends us a 'special angel' to encourage us. And depending upon what they have gone through or what they are going through in their lives, I call them "Wounded Healers": a phrase that I borrowed from a dear sister of mine or 'Diamonds'. There is a big difference. The ' healers' have been through, have the scars and can help you with their testimonies of how they made it. They become your strong supporters and can relate to you because they have been there. For example, no one can explain nor understand those "days' you have when you've lost a love one unless they have experienced it themselves. The "other's" words are just empty words.

On the other hand my "Diamonds" are the ones who are going through right now but are not bowing, bending nor yielding. They are being tried in the fire but they are going to be much more precious than gold. Diamonds start out in one form but after they endure the pressure they become diamonds ready to be cut and shaped my God Himself. Their brillance and hardness is amazing and something to behold, priceless.

We don't choose which but another sister of mine prayed..." Thank you Lord for counting me worthy to suffer in Your name". She  embodies both... a "wounded healer " and a "diamond".

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