My Response to Silence

I thought of this while watching a second hand on a clock.

There's a place in space
A beat between the beats
A moment in between the seconds
The sound between the chords when time stands still
Just before the mark and the hand meets
The distance between East and West
Where one crosses the other
Where one point ends and another point  begins
The thin line between subconcious and sleep
Where thoughts merge, Are you awake? Un-thoughts creep
Can't remember what I was thinking but I was thinking nevertheless
Well it'll come back again... I guess.

I thought I saw... no it couldn't be
It's my imagination
I just thought I saw another side of me
I used to be so sure, confident of my ev'ry stride
Now life has thrown a curve
Missed one... 
Money short, future looks grim
Hard to see the silver lining when the sunlight's dim

Where's that chord? Oh yeah...nice

Driving faster, speeding up
Rushing to get back to where I started
Tick... space between... tock
Next second.

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